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Pre- and Post-Surgical Rehabilitation

Pre-Surgical Rehabilitation
A person condition prior to surgery is a big determining factor on how well a person is going to do post surgery. Pre-surgical rehab (Prehab) is a great way to restore range of motion and strength prior to surgery and improve your post surgical outcome. Prehab is gaining popularity with several physicians. If you are anticipating surgery and want to improve your outcome, request Prehab at Per4mance.

Post-Surgical Rehabilitation
Our goal during your post-surgical rehabilitation is to return you to your prior level of physical function. This includes successful return to your work, recreational activities, and competitive sports.Our therapists provide one-on-one treatment sessions to closely monitor your progress and will advance you according to your response as well as your physician’s recommendations. We maintain regular communication with your surgeon to ensure your progress matches the rate of tissue healing so that your recovery is optimal.Your participation in your rehabilitation is critical. On your first post-surgical visit, your therapist will work with you to establish your goals for therapy. Your therapist will review any post-surgical precautions you may have. You will also be prescribed a home exercise program so that you can continue your progress outside of therapy.